For those not in the know, The 405 invited y’all to a Flickr group created by us for all you talented photographer types to submit your lovely pixels. This is the second photo round up in our series, featuring work submitted since the previous incarnation, with a noticeable improvement in quality and variation (not that there was anything wrong with the first photo round-up mind…) A healthy range of subjects and styles are apparent – and thankfully none have included the usual Flickr populist images of pretty ladies and cats. Though if you do want to submit pretty lady images, I’m sure a 405 writer or two would appreciate this. But really, don’t… Here’s what has grabbed our attention, thanks to all that posted... FestivalTown 3 A photo with a glorious sense of humor, which should raise at least a wry smile by even the most stoic personality, by the northern hands of RichardJohnson. Martin Parr-esque in style, the saturated colours add to the cheeky nature, reminiscent of a camp 70’s sitcom. Taken at the Pontefract Liquorice Festival for those wanting to meet these lovely ladies. Our next image is an eerie portrait as framed by Andy CF in a Brighton park. Taken on a film camera (we’d love to have more entries please!) intentionally with expired film, the shot is based on a short story by Julio Cortázar entitled "Blow Up", to which you can see the rest of the project here. Hugely unsettling, the haunted figure sticks echoes around your mind long after the eyes have looked away. KASMS @ Latitude Festival 2009 It wouldn’t be a 405 photo round up with at least one music related shot, and here’s undoubtedly the best of this time round. Taken by talented 405 contributor Dan Smyth Photography, this shot of Kasm at Latitude Festival is an ode to pinpoint timing, and which he must have screamed ‘YES!!’ as soon as having a quick peek at the review screen on his camera. Everything a live music photograph needs to be. Best of the rest: IMG_5590 On the go series M&A Wedding : Mr. Mankini Rear View! (0632) Now, for the interesting part. For the new challenge, we want you to submit photos of you with a vinyl sleeve – or CD sleeve, music magazine cover or anything similar – and place it in the photo with someone or something linking in with the design of it. Here’s an example: The faces they are a-changin' Similar websites exist of this phenomenon, we know, but we want your fresh images and ingenuity! This is your chance to get creative, only your mind is your limit, go for it. Get involved! Join The 405 Flickr Group here