Let's be honest. February hasn't been great has it? Aside from the floods and tube strike, my headphones are broken and I have a hole in my shoe (I'm not talking about the one I put my foot in either).

So in order to lift everyones spirits we've decided to throw what will probably go down in history as the greatest ping pong party ever held.


On the 18th Feb, The 405 will team up with the ping pong party people, Pongathon, and web startup Pingle for more ping pong, live music, and robot/sofa/hula/blindfold based ping pong challenges than you can shake a paddle at.

It's all happening at Richmix in Shoreditch. We've got tables booked from 6 and Pingle have kindly put a few pennies behind the bar for beer (so get down before that all goes). We've set up a Facebook event (that's the done thing right?) - so be sure to reserve your spot over there.

See you there.