Welcome to the very first 405 podcast... This is a pilot episode in what we hope to be a weekly or fortnightly happening so have a listen and see what you think. Email us your thoughts and queries on the show, however sinister they may be, and questions for the second instalment. We would love to hear from you. We are aware of the complete un-professionalism enclosed within this podcast but hope you find it both endearing and maybe even slightly comical. But most of all we hope that you enjoy the experience. Click on the picture below for a journey into the world of eccentricity they call 'The 405' Music featured in this podcast came from the following bands/artists: Glint, Andrew Bird, First Aid Kit, Stirsveit Nix Noltes, Frightened Rabbit, Myles Turney, The Race, Cocorosie, Minus The Bear, Dark Captain Light Captain. -Disclaimer - The following recording has been taken from surreal life, contains disturbing language and sound effects, and should not be listened to by anyone. All views and opinions are of the host's own thoughts, some are not even of the host's own thoughts, and should be taken as comedic narrative even if unfunny in their entirety. The Fourohfive does not warrant that the content of this podcast is accurate, reliable or correct, or that it host's themselves are mentally stable enough so as to expel views and opinions that are in any way veracious in their conclusion and/or hypothesis. The Fourohfive does not condone the illegal downloading of music and advise the purchase of contained music from reputable music outlets, but only if such music outlets have funky cool names. Rated insane.