He’s known as the bass player of Tame Impala, but Cam Avery is a man of many talents. From boxing to shooting the shit, to singing crooning tunes that hit right in the chest. Earlier this year he released his solo album, Ripe Dreams Pipe Dreams - an honest re-telling of the end of a relationship. It’s an album that’s caused many conversations, but one thing that can’t be understated is the level of honesty Cam divulges within his music.

For the latest edition of the 405 Exchange podcast, Ken Grand-Pierre spoke to the artist about the differences between touring with Tame Impala and his solo project, what he learned from Kevin Parker, and writing from experiences. Check out their conversation below, along with the video for 'Dance With Me'.

“It’s when things start to feel really natural, that’s when I start to enjoy myself the most.”

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Cam Avery