Some albums leave you in a weird place, where you want to know more about how it came to be, but also know that there’s not much left to be said. That’s what it's like listening to Fool’s Paradise by Cold Specks.

Halfway through the record you know this is the barest that Ladan Hussein has ever been on record. It’s that juxtaposition, where her experiences meld with the beautifully layered instrumentals of the album, that makes listening to False Paradise such a standout experience. But this is an interview show, and regardless of how much of the album is there for us to read into, there’s still a matter of jumping into it with an artist.

Ken Grand-Pierre spoke to Ladan about the meaning behind Fool’s Paradise, the moods/vibes of performing live, stories behind the standout tunes ('New Moon' & 'Wild Card'), and tour exhaustion.

“I went on tour for three fucking years after the first record.”

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