It’s a comeback that doesn’t feel like a comeback, and that’s probably for the best. Because for Company of Thieves, it’s clear that there isn’t a desire to re-tread old ground, rather than the desire to spread their wings into new territory. Last year they reformed, toured almost immediately, and are now back supporting Walk The Moon across the states, playing to crowds of thousands of people. To many, that’d be emotionally taxing, but when Ken Grand-Pierre links up with Genevieve and Marc in New York, it’s clear that joy is the only thing that’s on the band’s mind.

Ken Grand-Pierre spoke to Company of Thieves about reforming the band after hiatus, reconnecting as friends first, band second, touring as a band again, and how inspiration can come from your own music. Check out their conversation below.

“I’ll have a realization during the middle of a song, and sometimes that’ll help me to deal with something I’m going through in life, at that time.”

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