Do you remember when you were in uni? How you'd have ideas that'd seem solidified but were actually quite superfluous? We heavily doubt London-based pop band Dream Wife will be able to relate. Originally formed while attending uni in Brighton, the three members of Dream Wife are masters of speaking their ideas and making you see their vision as clearly as they do. Most of their songs echo a sense of euphoric fun, while also touching upon sexual liberation, gender fluidity, and the freedom that comes with oneself. The most amazing thing is how they achieve all this with (seemingly) no effort; they have this incredible ability to make it all look easy.

For the latest edition of the 405 Exchange podcast, Ken Grand-Pierre spoke to the band about the first Dream Wife rehearsal, what sets them apart from their peers, the 'Bad Bitches Club', and what it'll mean to release a debut album. Check out their conversation below.

“It’s important for us that the 14-year-old girl who comes to see us live, and pushes her way to the front of a moshpit, doesn’t go home thinking 'only boys can be in bands' and that she realizes that she can do what we’re doing on stage.”

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