New York is a place where the people who inspire you can become your friends. Ebru Yildiz is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational creatives in the city - a brief look at her work showcases why - but it’s getting to know her as a person that proves this to be singularly true. There’s that spirit that you hope all artists would have - that conviction towards their beliefs, the trust that they can push themselves into new places.

Originally from Turkey, Ebru has become a mainstay in the NYC music scene, and beyond. To call her ‘music photographer’ wouldn’t do her justice, especially when she’s developed into such a talented portrait photographer. Can you tell that her friend Ken Grand-Pierre wrote this? You probably can. But it’s alright because I got to chat with Ebru in her studio, Brooklyn Grain.

“The photos I tend to like are the photos I haven’t planned.”

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