More likely than not, you missed her fantastic album. But that’s alright because you can play catch-up by listening to this talk with its creator.

That creator is Elli Ingram, a singer based in London who sings her heart out in a way that’ll leave you stunned. She has a keen understanding of pop and a stronger love of soul and blues. Her debut album, Love You Really, is a collection of songs that run beautifully in tandem with one another. You can tell that Ingram never feels constrained by her experiences; she feels stronger because of them.

Ken Grand-Pierre caught up with Ingram to discuss why the debut was years in the making, how falling in love inspires in a direct and positive way, the story behind the album cover, and bringing a long-awaited album to the stage. Check out their conversation below.

“I just felt like I was ready for an album. We were just creating music, and having fun.”

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