What’s a man to do after several years of recording critically acclaimed records, touring the world, and playing in massive venues? He starts over, of course. Though Felix White (originally of The Maccabees) has done this in a particularly different way. Rather than start another band, he co-founded a record label called Yala Records with Morad Khokar. If there’s a mission statement of Yala, it’s to provide a home for both young talent and young fans. But don’t let the word ‘young’ scare you away, it’s not a descriptor of age, but rather than exuberant spirit that reminds you of those more carefree days.

Ken Grand-Pierre spoke to Felix about how Yala Records was born, what being in Maccabees taught him, the last night at Alexandra Palace, and the label's upcoming releases. Check out their conversation below.

“Leaving people wanting more is better than leaving people bored.”

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