Jacob Banks is a musician from Birmingham, the first unsigned act to ever appear on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, and 100% the truth. 2017 has proved to be a year of rebirth for Jacob, as he's released his stellar EP, The Boy Who Cried Freedom. His next project, The Village, will take music lovers on a journey unlike anything they've ever heard before.

For the latest installment of the 405 Exchange Podcast, Ken Grand-Pierre spoke to Jacob about why the truth matters most of all. the importance of unity in our current world, forthcoming music, and the true meaning of "soul". Check out their conversation below, along with the video for 'Unholy War'.

“Music is a mirror, that's how I describe it. Whatever your heart desires is what you'll hear.”

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Jacob's new single, 'Unknown (To You)' is available now.