The continuation of Japanese Breakfast has been surprising for the music world. With the debut album that was Psychopomp, the story felt as complete as it could be. And yet here we are with a new record that’s as invigorated and inspired as any of us could have ever hoped. For what started out initially as a side project has become the primary focus for Michelle Zauner. With the newest release, Soft Sounds From Another Planet, Zauner has challenged herself musically while also retaining what made Japanese Breakfast so special.

For the latest edition of the 405 Exchange podcast, Ken Grand-Pierre spoke to Japanese Breakfast about how Soft Sounds came to be, directing music videos, touring with Mitski, and why touring Asia will be a big deal. Check out their conversation below.

“A lot ofSoft Sounds is about being on the road and what it was like to experience that.”

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