What a life, that’s truly all you can say when you think about Jen Cloher. From releasing records and touring, to co-founding the magnificent label Milk Records, Jen truly has lived a brilliant life. And yet her latest solo album, which is also self-titled, offers our most poignant insight into Jen’s life.

It's an album that reminds us that even the people who inspire us the most, are indeed human, and with that are susceptible to the same insecurities and dark moments that we all experience.

Ken Grand-Pierre spoke to Jen about touring the US for the first time, writing candidly, why winter is a good time to write, and what co-founding Milk has taught her. Check out their conversation below.

“Going up and playing those songs can honestly be quite a vulnerable place to be.”

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Apologies for the sound quality of the interview. A practice amp was left on by mistake, leading to a beeping sound throughout.