Trust us when we say this: you haven't come across a musician like Liza Anne before. There's a candour to her lyrics that you just don’t get anywhere else. Maybe it’s her sense of humour or her self-awareness, but when you hear a Liza Anne song it’s unmistakably...well, Liza Anne. The songs she’s released from her upcoming full-length showcase this immensely.

Aptly titled, Fine But Dying, the album showcases how falling in love can be both the best and the worst thing to ever happen to you. The flooding of insecurities, self-doubt, and all the messy moments in between. The lead single, 'Paranoia', encapsulates this so poignantly. Ken Grand-Pierre caught up with the artist to discuss why the album is titled Fine But Dying, the Birth of Paranoia, recording the album in Paris, and how self-doubt and anxiety can inspire.

“Being in love with someone feels crazy, it feels actually psychotic.”

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