Who knew a classically trained musician could sound so god damn cool? That’s the thing with NIIA, above everything else she’s just ‘cool’ in that way that makes you think of silk and sunglasses being worn on cobblestone streets. But that’s doubly impressive with her is how that sense of confidence doesn’t compromise her integrity whatsoever. In fact, it enhances it. This comes across in spades on her debut album, I. It’s an album that takes the rules of jazz, pop, and soul - and reminds us that those rules are meant to be broken, especially when it’s a personal affair.

Ken Grand-Pierre spoke to NIIA about defining the line between personal and professional, the exhausting experience of dropping an album, finding power behind sexiness, and a whole load more. Check out their conversation below.

“It’s cool that people are resonating with the music, and considering me a strong female voice in music.”

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