Rest assured, the future of music is in good hands. Nilufer Yanya is one of those once in a lifetime acts, who projects modesty, confidence, and heart all at once. Throughout 2017 she's released song after song, each release further cementing her place within the music world. It can be a trite thing to bring up an acts age, but with Yanya being so young, you can't help but wonder: if her songs are this good now, how good will they be when she gets older? With her talents as a guitarist, songwriter, and singer, the answer definitely seems to be that things will only get better from here. We look forward to seeing that happen.

For the latest edition of the 405 Exchange podcast, Ken Grand-Pierre spoke to Nilufer about visiting New York for the first time, taking it easy towards making a debut album, and how the new songs will sound. Check out their conversation below.

“The new stuff I’m writing is definitely a bit harder…an almost punkier vibe.”

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