It’s funny, say ‘pop musician’ to many people and they wouldn’t associate that with a strong sense of self. Then, you meet someone like Parson James, that turns that notion upside down. You’d be hard-pressed to find a musician who’s more unapologetically himself than James. He calls his music "conflicted pop gospel", a term you quickly understand once you hear his tenderly bare voice.

2017 was a crazy year for James, and 2018 is poised to be even bigger. Ken Grand-Pierre caught up with Parson James to discuss repping Selena in Mexico, what being a pop musician means in 2017/2018, how ‘Only You’ came to be, and the importance of LGBT organizations. Check out their conversation below.

“I always ask myself if I’ll be able to convey myself in performance. If this will feel authentic and if this will feel genuine...”

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