Let’s face it, most of us have cliché ideas of what it must be like to be an artist in New York City. And that’s ok, because that just allows for us to be surprised when we meet someone who carries their personality so modestly on their sleeve. Enter Renee Orshan, a native New Yorker who goes by the moniker Rén With The Mane. You can hear her love of pop, along with the understanding that Orshan’s songwriting can propel her past hooks and flourishes. To hear one of her songs is to hear an artist who truly wants this, and won’t stop at anything until she achieves her dreams.

Ken Grand-Pierre spoke to Renee about what it means to embody a persona, why New York City is inspirational for artists, filming the video for 'Hypnotize', and how performing inspires studio sessions. Check out their conversation below.

“I’m going to write pop songs, R&B songs, acoustic melodic songs, and it is all going to be me.”

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