We’re in a time where musicians are shifting the definition of pop, and at the forefront of that is Tei Shi - the Colombian/Canadian New Yorker who makes music unlike anyone else. For years she’s been releasing singles that range from being silky, ferocious, dancy, and all of the above. Her debut album, Crawl Space, came out earlier this year and has solidified her position as a powerful creative force. 2017 has seen her touring more than she’s ever had before, growing into her own as a performer.

For the latest edition of the 405 Exchange podcast, Ken Grand-Pierre spoke to the artist about coming to New York and finding her creative spirit, how her debut album came to be, how being a producer helps her approach writing, and the dichotomy between lyrics and music. Check out their conversation below, along with the video for 'How Far'.

“The more I get to try things, the more I get to figure out what I want to try next.”

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