Life has changed a lot for Tom and Isabel Gracefield. The long-term collaborators have created a beautiful album under the moniker Tom Forest after having a child. The album is titled Hope and it’s truly the first great album to come out of 2018. The sonics are lush, the lyrics are true, and the vocals have an essence of heart that’s subtly overwhelming at times. You know that Tom believes in everything he sings, and that each word is backed up by a real lived experience. Isabel’s talents of a producer are at prime display, and you can tell the two made an album that came out exactly as they wanted it to.

Ken Grand-Pierre caught up with Tom Gracefield, to discuss the story behind his upcoming project Hope, how fatherhood inspired and affected his songwriting, why writing about family isn’t as weird as one would expect, and creating the album with his wife Isabel.

“Having a child, I find myself doing things like writing songs and making videos... I find myself with a courage to do these things that I didn’t have before.”

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Hope by Tom Forest drops on January 12th via Beverly Martel.