Today on The 405 Pop we have the big, big pleasure of giving the video for Florrie's big, big new single, 'Real Love', its first airing.

Ok, first things first - cards on the table. In May 2014, when we published our Florrie feature and reported that her long-awaited debut album was completed, we were - with hindsight - obviously referring to its existence as a finished product in the same parallel universe where Rihanna's Anti sat for a wee while and Mutya Keisha Siobhan's long-player has been languishing for at least three years.

To recap, at the time we marvelled at how Florrie was in the privileged position of having to narrow down an almost 20-strong collection of album contenders to about two thirds of that. But you know what? Time and circumstances make their own plans and so, in the intervening period, Florrie has been racking up Frequent Flyer points travelling across both sides of the Atlantic, doing a lot more songwriting and adding to that pool of songs from which she will eventually have to choose an album's worth. She's worked with Belief (Jesse Shatkin), whom you may remember as co-writer and co-producer of that little-known ditty 'Chandelier', MoZella (responsible for Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball'), Lorde collaborator, Joel Little, and Tim Anderson who has written and produced for Solange, Halsey and Dizzee Rascal.

'Real Love' itself is the result of sessions Florrie did with Swedish pop extraordinaire, TWIN, in Los Angeles. If you recognise the name TWIN it's because the man behind the moniker, Joacim Persson, has worked with the likes of Gaga, Kylie, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Mary J. Blige, Selena Gomez, Robyn and, erm... Jamiroquai.

Where 'Seashells', the lead track from Florrie's last EP (2014's Sirens) divided some fans with its quirky tongue-twister lyrics and production, 'Real Love' by contrast leaves no room for error. It's a hard-hitting, hook-planting immediate knock-out and leaves you humming its post-chorus "whoah-whoah-oh-oh-oh-whoah" line after the first instance of hearing it.

The video, directed by Emil Nava and shot on 16mm film, is a short, sharp, shock of stunning visuals with Florrie once more demonstrating her inimitable presence on film: the camera simply loves her. The premise of Florrie and her on-screen beau having a lovely time in a chic London pad serves as a stylish accompaniment to what is, undoubtedly, one of Florrie's best sonic moments. Our eyes particularly enjoyed the good sense of matching the guy's suit to the green piano and if, like us, watching this video has made you desire a green piano yourselves, there's one going for a tenner (at time of going 'to press') here.

In conversation with the person tasked to write the press release for 'Real Love', Florrie describes the song as the culmination of everything she's learnt and been through as an artist over the last 5 years. Of the video and working with Nava she says: "I'd wanted to work with Emil for a long time and was a big fan of his work, even before I met him. I think it's Emil's energy that I love the most and it made such a huge difference on set. His enthusiasm and love for what he does really got the best possible performance out of me and I trusted him 100%, which is the best feeling because you can totally relax and have fun with it."

You'll no doubt join us in being pleased to know that the ever-elusive Florrie debut will finally see the light of day this autumn, following some live dates which will - so we are told - include a string of festival appearances.

'Real Love' gets its "impact date" on 25 March on Xenomania/Epic Records.