Here's a good one: a debut single that really gets your ears paying attention. 'Studio 54' doesn't sound like it's being sung by a 17-year-old but Eloïse's mature voice is only one charm aspect of this excellent first offering from the singer-songwriter.

We're told that she's still studying for her A-Levels, presumably in How To Be A Great Popstar, and when the press release name-drops London Grammar's Hannah Reid and Lana Del Rey, any temptation to roll one's eyes is blocked by the veracity of these reference points.

The chorus is not self-absorbed or attention-seeking but that's part of its appeal - there's a subtlety there - and by the time it is reprised towards the end of the song, it manages to, nevertheless, lodge itself in the mind's ear in that way that makes you want to go back and replay the whole song immediately.