Norwegian eerie-popper, Kine Hjeldnes, whose previous release, 'Lovers', was one of The 405's most cherished discoveries last year, is back with a brand new single.

Taken from her debut album, Evacuate, which she is presently putting the finishing touches to, 'Feathers' is a song Hjeldnes wrote about being a warrior in a world that won't let you fight back and be as good as you can be. "It's about dreams being murdered and becoming ghosts in the night," she tells The 405, "no one can really see them except you."

The lyrics came about during a period of doubt and anger for the singer. She sings: "Like a horror movie I'm covered in blood /Like a horror movie I'm dragged through the mud / To the earth I always belong."

"I felt very unsure," she says about the inspiration behind the song, "constantly asking myself am I good enough? I also think the song reflects my frustration with the industry, which feels very unfair from time to time."

Hjeldnes continues: "I always have some themes that I dive down into and obsess about. Like black holes or photosynthesis or electro-magnetism. For some reason I find these things very poetic and it always gets me into this philosophic state. I am very curious about our existence and the universe. I remember being a little girl, staring at my hands and just thinking: What is this? I think life is so weird and I have so many unanswered questions. And a vivid imagination!"

For us, 'Feathers' positions Hjeldnes as the rightful successor to 1980s German electro-queen, Sandra. There's drama, there are hooks and there is an irresistible charm to the sound, particularly when everything explodes into the bombastic beats of the song's final minute.

Evacuate is, apparently, almost done and Hjeldnes assures The 405 that if you like 'Feathers' you will be pleased with the overall sound of the album. "I was trying to create science fiction disco ambient noise pop," she says. 'Feathers' will also feature in Hjeldnes' forthcoming live shows, alongside 7 or 8 other tracks. "Everyone should put on their dancing shoes," she urges attendees.

Kine Hjeldnes commences her European tour on 14 April with a Berlin show. For a full gig schedule and release information for 'Feathers' head here.