It took all my might and self-control to avoid giving this feature the title 'Heavens to Betsy!' and, let's face it, my editor would have probably thought it ridiculous and changed it anyway but the point is that, the first time I heard Betsy's debut single, 'Fair', I did actually emit a mild exclamation of surprise because... well, because it was quite unlike anything else I'd heard in our current pop scene. I didn't initially know what to make of it but I immediately knew that I liked it. A lot. Structurally, the song is fairly straightforward but it is the arrangement and production as well as Betsy's instantly-grabbing voice that make it so special.

Then there's latest single, 'Lost & Found', which - in essence - sounds like a Cher greatest hit and really firms up Betsy's place in the shortlist of artists that are most likely to break outside the UK into world domination. It's difficult to ignore and hugely memorable - exactly what helps render a pop song into a great pop song.

We asked Betsy for an interview and Betsy said yes, which is a satisfactory turn of events, all things considered.

How did you start out making music?

Oh my goodness, it was very rough and ready! In fact, 'Rosie' [a track on Betsy's debut EP, Fair] is one of the first songs I ever wrote and recorded myself. I had no idea what I was doing, no microphone and I had just discovered Garageband. I remember I was in my brother's bedroom - he was away so I commandeered it as a studio! - I had my guitar plugged into a tiny Marshall amp and my dad had a keyboard so I had that. I had no microphone and I didn't know how to record straight into the computer so everything you hear is recorded on the microphone at the back of the computer and I played everything in the room. So the guitar, the heartbeat sound, the organ etc. Of course, I had to redo the vocal properly and we added a bit of sparkle later but it's all there!

And you've ended up signing to a major label. What was your route to getting noticed and, ultimately, snapped up by Warner Bros?

A funny one! So, I have always wanted to be a musician, for as long as I can remember, but being from a very, very rural place in Wales - a goose farm to be exact! - getting into the music industry seemed a million miles away. So, encouraged by my parents I went to uni to have a fall-back plan. And that was fashion! Perhaps an equally risky choice but it lead me to a job designing for Balenciaga in Paris. An amazing opportunity, but it plagued me that I wasn't doing music. So I quit and went back to Wales to my brother's bedroom, made a demo - 'Rosie' was on there - and sent it to everyone I could find an address for, and then heard nothing from anyone [laughs].

What was the turning point?

Luckily my friend from Wales's brother worked in a PR company in London. One day one of my now managers walked in looking for singers and my friend's brother gave him my demo. Bloody lucky! That lead to me spending two months in a caravan in my brother's backyard - it stars in my press photos, the grotty caravan - to write more on Garageband and from that I got my record deal. 'Lost & Found' was one of the tracks I wrote there.

You've worked with the fairly legendary Joe Goddard. Good fun?

Killer! It was a dream come true. I am a massive fan of Joe's and his track 'Gabrielle' is one of my favourite songs ever. He was one of the first producers I had ever worked with so it was really exciting and so interesting to see how he worked, which is of course as mystical and magical as you would imagine. That's how his work ends up with such a unique sound.

Your voice often gets compared to some very high profile, time-honoured female singers. Are such reference points flattering or do you secretly consider it to be lazy journalism?

Flattering, for sure! I mean, I get compared to Annie Lennox! She has got to be one of my all-time favourites and is a massive inspiration to me musically and stylistically. The Eurythmics and Annie have such amazing songs combined with iconic artwork. Two things I massively aim for. It's funny, though, I didn't realise I sounded a bit like her, but if I do that's brilliant.

A few months ago you embarked on your first set of live UK shows on tour with Rationale. How was that experience?

Well, it was the first real tour I have ever done. Before that I had performed at school, done a few open mic nights and small gigs with mates, but nothing like that. So it was an eye opener and a learning curve! It felt well pro, I had in-ear monitors, the lot!

What's your band like?

My band are phenomenal, so that made the whole experience a lot easier. They are four very talented girls who really know what they're doing, so it was amazing to be able to have the opportunity to work with people like that. Also we had a good laugh, you can imagine five musical women in a tour bus for hours on end. Epic banter! It was also killer to watch Rationale, he is so slick so it was really great to pick up some tips. He has a song in his set which we wrote together and the first time he played it, I couldn't stop crying. It's amazing to have someone play a song you wrote!

'Fair' was a pretty astonishing calling-card. One of the most amazing things about it is that, as a listener, one keeps waiting for it all to kick off into this massive banger and, instead, the rhythm section never comes in and the track becomes more and more emotionally wrenching. The point I'm failing to make succinctly is that it's like the best dance anthem that never was. When you were recording the song, did you - even if for a moment - think about chucking some beats in and making it into a dance track or was it always going to be a tear-worthy ballad?

Funny you should say that! I had never imagined turning it into a dance track. When I wrote it I was in an emotional pit and I was writing it as a ballad and for me it was always that, but I remember visiting Spike Stent who's produced people like Madonna and Beyoncé, and he said, do you know what... I would stick a big dirty beat on it! I laughed so much, but of course he's right, it totally has the potential to be done that way, but it was so personal to me and this has always been my vision for it so I stuck to that.

The other tracks on the Fair EP were fairly eclectic in their production. If you had to define your sound or genre, what would it be?

Ooooh that's a tricky one. For me, it's about making music that means something to me and in turn I hope it will mean something to someone else. I want to make music that touches people, be it a ballad or a dance track. Sonically I want it to be classic but progressive so that's why I like the mix of electronic and more organic sounds. Plus as I'm sure you can already hear, strings are a big must for me. I love them!

Speaking of bangers, how did 'Lost & Found' - which, incidentally, I am obsessed with - come about?

Well, in the caravan on Garageband! I write very quickly so with that one I can't remember but I was probably - as usual - sat down in my PJs after a coffee with my brother and his herd of dogs and wrote away. I do remember, though, that I started with the breakbeat loop, then the chords, and then the melody. After that I added the string riff and later the vocal hook and other bits around it. This has just made me think how odd it is that I can remember how I wrote these songs! Bizarre. I'm very visual and for me it's like painting a picture so I see all the parts like shapes and colours in my brain. Maybe that's why I can remember!

What music and/or which artists have you found to be of most influence in the past few years?

I have to say I love Adele. She is a strong woman with a ballsy voice and songs with real meaning. This is what I love most in all my favourite artists; Annie Lennox, Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin.... I also love Hozier and James Vincent McMorrow. Their music really touches me on an emotional level and that is really important to me. Oh, and Jungle, they are incredible. Amazing songs and sounds!

How do you listen to music yourself nowadays? Do you still buy records, do you download or do you mostly stream?

I am a streamer. I listen to such a wide variety of music throughout my day so streaming is perfect. Spotify is bloody amazing for that. Jazz for breakfast, classical for lunch and 70s disco for wine time [laughs].

Finally, what can you tell us about your future work? Is there an album in the making?

Well, all I can say is that I buckled down and wrote a fair few tunes in that caravan so some of those will be coming your way!

'Lost & Found' is out now on Warner Bros.