If asked to comment on the direction in which Ella On The Run's career is going, we'd be happy to be quoted saying "up!". You may have already heard Ms On The Run's previous releases, in which case your appetite for new material must be causing stomach rumbles. And so, today's premiere of Ella's new single should satiate the crave nicely.

The track is nothing short of a reimagining, reinterpretation and altogether dismantling with a subsequent re-building of Ace of Base's 1992 monster hit, 'All That She Wants'. Nearly a quarter of a century after the Swedes' track took over the charts internationally, the updated anthem becomes a charged, moody and introverted torch song without losing any of its charm.

When quizzed about why she chose to record 'All That She Wants' as her next single, Ella explained to The 405 that it came about quite organically: "I was invited to do a Session for Wurd Social and they asked me to do a cover of a retro song. I have vivid memories associated with Ace of Base and I decorated my whole bedroom wall with their posters when I was a little girl, my shrine to them. So 'All That She Wants' was the obvious choice, it had to be. I received so much positive feedback from the session, that I realised I had to record and release it as soon as possible. It is like coming full circle with my childhood."

As you'll be able to hear below, the chorus melody has been boldly altered. "It all fell into place the first time we rehearsed through it", Ella explains. "I had a basic idea of where I felt the chorus should go melodically, as the lyrics are actually quite dark. I wanted the song to reflect this. I played around with some ideas at home and then I literally showed up at rehearsal with a voice note on my phone and the new chorus melody. My amazing band members immediately understood the vibe I was going for. We played through it once and it just felt right. I never tried the original melody, I don't think it would have worked, either."

Ella's current faves amongst her contemporaries include Rosie Lowe ("Because of her soothing vocals yet palpable intensity") alongsideChristine and the Queens ("I have huge respect for her, both because of her French and English approach as well as her awesome videos!"). She tells The 405: "It is so inspiring to have real musicians break through the noise!"

Expect a new EP from Ella in the very near future and there'll be some live shows in support of it as well. "I am really excited about that," Ella says. "I spent so much of last year working on new songs, that it will be such a treat to perform them and give my fans something new to listen to! At the same time, I am already working on the second EP, which will likely be released towards the end of the year."