'Walk Away', the follow-up to Ella On The Run's excellent Ace of Base cover (she effectively reinvented 'All That She Wants') is another pop gem and a worthy vehicle to showcase the Zurich-born singer-songwriter's gorgeous voice.

"It is a song about forbidden attractions," Ella tells The 405, "the ones that you know won't end well even before they've properly started. A secret lover, a crush or maybe other circumstances like distance or a friend's ex that just make a potential relationship impossible."

The video for 'Walk Away', which you can cast your peepers on for the first time here, is also the first video that Ella has co-directed. She had the idea of singing it to herself because she wanted it to be a song about giving one's self-advice. "I imagine the two versions of me are like the angel and devil sitting on my shoulder having a discussion," she says. "I also wanted to highlight our generation's obsession with ourselves by ultimately having the two Ellas gazing at each other in a kind of infatuation."