First off, can you tell us a little something about yourselves? Your background? How you met? Etc. When I moved down to Brighton from Manchester I met Jez who was looking for players for his band, Le Band Extraordinaire. We both joined each other's bands and then Chris joined from that band too. Dan saw our ad on the Drowned in Sound boards and yeah that's it really... We play a mixture of riffy post-rock with some shoegazey synths, post-punky noise and poppy bits. Band name. Where did the inspiration come from and what is the meaning behind it? It's a bastardised version of Hunter S Thompson's alter ego in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I'm a big Hunter S fan, I guess I envy the way he immersed himself so fully into everything he did Who influences you as a band, be it another musician/artist or anything else, something more metaphysical even? There's the big influences like My Bloody Valentine, David Bowie, and more recently, Clor (RIP) and M83. We're also into a lot of more organic, improvisational music from stuff like Sonic Youth and Deerhoof to a lot of jazz. Our songs are still quite structured but it's definitely started coming through into our music. What was the greatest gig to date that you have played? The most enjoyable gigs we've done have been the Club Raoul nights that we've put on at The Prince Albert in Brighton. We get to play with bands we really like and the place has a great atmosphere. Any bad gig experiences you care to share? We once played on the back of a lorry in the pissing rain in rural Ireland. We managed to blow a speaker, melt the speaker casing with the lighting rig, drop the lights off the back of the lorry, break a string, and lose the car keys. I remember finally getting a lift in a local guy's van and Bryan Adams' 'Run To You' came on the radio. It has never sounded so sweet. What are your all time favourite lyrics and why? I always loved the Dismemberment Plan's lyrics, they nailed the urban alienation thing. I think lyrics lose a lot of their power when they're written down so I'd recommend 'Spider in the Snow'. Failing that, Jarvis Cocker still makes me laugh out loud with his lyrics. In a good way. If a film were to be made about you guys, what would be the title, the narrative and what actors would play you? It would be called 'Kitshare' It would be a kind of Waiting for Godot affair in which our characters spend the duration of the film in some sketchy London venue watching the door in the hope that an audience might materialise in time for their set. We'd all be played by Eddie Murphy. What are your hopes for the next two to five years as a band? In the next couple of months we should have our album finished. We'd love to see that all over the music blogs like a bad Justice remix... actually and a Justice remix. I'd settle for Soulwax though. And maybe Yo La Tengo could cover our stuff too. I think we'd just be happy to get some attention for what we do. We love playing together so it would be nice to get some decent exposure. Any departing quotes you would like to share, be they profound or profane? "Try to get some rest." [END] The405 Thanks Duke Raoul for taking the time to answer our questions. We look forward to seeing you this coming Saturday! Find out more about Duke Raoul on yesterdays 'The405 Presents' post, and on their myspace page: The405 Presents - Duke Raoul: Clicketyclick Myspace: