One day left! ONE DAY LEFT I SAY! Oh! How the excitement is near unbearable. As the days, hours, even minutes tick by, we here at The405 are becoming ever more intoxicated on the thought of what wonderment tomorrow will bring. The Notting Hill Arts Club, 4-8pm, FREE ENTRY, what more could you ask for of a Saturday afternoon? I can't fathom a possible answer other than stated happenings! We have enjoyed interviews and biogs from 4or5 Magicians and Duke Raoul already this week so go and check them out if you have not thus far. But today is the day for Favours For Sailors! The 405 Presents Favours For Sailors - JRC, AKDB, Maltese Falcon, DSS Myspace: Hailing from ye olde London Town, these guys expel an excitable dance fuled melody that will undoubtedly sound megalithic within the confines of the Notting Hill Arts Club tomorrow. Their myspace page states, when speaking of Favours For Sailors "In a time of streamlined hair, perfect posturing and asymmetric melodies, Favours For Sailors provide a much-needed musical pick-me-up. Mixing the fractured pop of Pavement, the frenetic power of Gang Of Four, the guitar heroics of Television, and the frustration of four misplaced mid-20s wage slaves, their tunes spill over with wistful lust and exuberant alcoholism." There is not much more to be said about this band, other than if you choose not to attend such an inspired afternoon that this Saturday promises to be, you will miss out on an enigmatic and fantastic band that has nowhere to go but forwards in this fickle industry called 'music'. We'll see you there! To find out more about Favours For Sailors check out their myspace here: