Label: Tough Love Records Release Date: Out now Link: One of the many benefits you will get out of coming to our very special event at Notting Hill Arts Club this Saturday is of hearing some of the tracks from this mini album straight from the horse's mouth. The opening to the album is explosive. The party starting 'Erode My Empire' yells at you and urges you to drop your drink and get moving. This is one of those rare incidents where I can spot the live potential of a band from listening to their studio material. As I listen to Furious Sons I imagine several others in the studio with the band, tearing holes in the walls, and jumping up and down on the EQs while the producer lies unconscious in the corner, and two people simultaneously make out with the microphone. 'No Room At The Buffet' and 'The Nihilist Prays' seem to link as one song, giving you little time to breathe and the song that stands out by far is 'I Dreamt That You Loved Me In Your Dreams', with the major catchy wailing moments in the chorus. 'Our Name' ends the album with a brief moment of dramatic strings before bursting into the remaining section of live enjoyment. To experience the effects of Furious Sons and many other wonderful things that will make you thankful for your life, please make sure and double check that nothing will stop you entering the doors of Notting Hill Arts Club on Saturday, 18 April.