Just a quick update for you. Next week we'll be rolling out some new features and some old ones too. Last week was the hangover week, it doesn't count. Below you'll find some of the features we'll be running with this year. 1. Mix/Cover/Live (Once a day) 2. Cloud Corner (A look at submissions through our Soundcloud account every two weeks) 3. Gig Guide (With a new look and new locations - every Monday) 4. Single of The Week (Every Tuesday) 5. Artsist Picks (Once a week) 6. Guest Playlist (Once a week) 7. 405 Playlist (Once a week) 8. Editors Pick (Once a week) 9. Guest Articles 10. Video Sessions (lots more this year) 11. Roundtable Meeting (Live chat with industry people) 12. A monthly guest column from Sonic Cathedral Records 13. Weekly Mixtape (Through our Newsletter) 14. Download Album (Every two months like our 'Ones to Watch' album) 15. Record Club in Association with Lazy Acre Records (Weekly) 16. 'The 405 Saturday Morning Video Blowout' (More on that soon) That's about 80% of our schedule for you. We hope you like it. Team 405