MySpace has become astonishingly famous for its music scene and it has given us many great acts. Another one of those acts is Alessi’s Ark who promises to be a fantastic prospect for 2009.  Alessi Laurent-Marke is the singer/guitarist behind the music sensation and she has already been tipped to be the next Laura Marling without even releasing a single. Her first single ”The Horse” is now out and it is a favourite to take the charts by storm. Her first ever song though “Glendora” started off as a GCSE music project and it easily deserves an A*. Influences like Arcade Fire are at times evident in Alessi’s work but it is simply unique. It is important to remember that this music genius is just 18. Psychedelic folk music is one way to describe her music but it still doesn’t seem to quite sum it up. The sheer variety and talent that Alessi already has is incredible. Her first album is set to be a big hit and should see her break through with ease but we could be looking at a star for the future as it seems that she is far from a one album wonder. Her vocals are superbly in tune and plenty of character also comes through but it is also great to see some elaborate guitar work as well. Alessi is simply one of a kind and if you think you have already heard the best pop/folk sensation then think again. This article was brought to you by the great There Goes The Fear blog Listen: MP3: Alessi's Ark - Women