The true meaning of 'bittersweet' is perfected in the music that this band has to offer. The sweet sounds of lead-man Riley Taylor's melodic vocals, mixed with bitter guitar leads and powerful drum and bass lines.  Their recently released album flows from start to finish, and so easily became the soundtrack to my dreams, its poetic words matched with soft keys on tracks like "I Thought I Was Much" and "That's Not Love". These Seattle natives have just been chosen to perform at the Pacific Northwest's largest "underage" battle of the bands - the 8th Annual SoundOff! This particular battle of the bands has hosted many up-and-coming bands such as Natalie Portman's Shaved Head and Idiot Pilot! If you're in the Seattle area, I urge you, on the 21st of February, to get to SoundOff! and support Brier Rose. If you can't make it to SoundOff! or a Brier Rose gig anytime soon, then I strongly suggest you click here, or here to purchase Brier Roses' soft, sweet music. - "listening to BRIER ROSE is like watching The Shawshank Redemption. Development, build-up, payoff." Listen: MP3: Brier Rose - I Thought I Was Much