Progressive rock, or prog-rock if you like, is often critizised for being a ridiculous art form full of wizards, capes and general show-offyness. I've certainly heard my fair share of prog-rock in the last few years (I had to do an essay about it) and I honestly feel that those criticisms are unfair. Ok, the 70's did throw out some bands that liked to fufill those aforementioned cliches but I like to think theres more to the genre than the crazy visuals and one-up-manship. To prove myself right, a band from sunny San Francisco called Crime In Choir are here and they're making the sort of progressive music that will convert the most hardened of prog critics. Travelling through California on a musical adventure, I soon came across this six man monster of a band and I never looked back. Instead of rambling on for paragraphs about how amazing this band are, I thought i'd share a video with you for 'The Hoop'. Visit the band at and look our for out interview the band next week! Listen: MP3: Crime In Choir - Stong Beautiful Suspicious Horse