If any of you have seen Ryan Gosling in Lars and the Real Girl then you've probably heard some of the songs by Dead Man's Bones, which were featured in the film. Having recorded their upcoming EP (expected sometime soon in the new year) in Tel Aviv, Israel, Zach and Ryan are defnitely more than just pretty faces to look at. Almost, but not quite like Beirut or Gogol Bordello, who would've thought that Gosling and his bandmate Zach Shields could put together an eclectic collection of "gothic-gospel showtunes" On top of Dead Man's Bones primary influence of "disney haunted mansions, doo-wop and 60s girl groups," others you can string along are The Everly Brothers, Talking Heads, Hideous Raging Inferno, the Magnetic Fields, Naked Ghosts, The Dead Kennedy's, and Balkan Beatbox. Like I said before, they're not just pieces of eye-candy but are a talented pair of musicians who can creatively compose songs with accordion-like flourishes underscored with tones of black metal and gothic subtleties. In the meantime, some singles you can check out are Paper Ships (live version) and For Weddings and Funerals. Also, if you want more of a visual experience, recently posted on their MySpace page is their first music video for the single, In The Room Where You Sleep. With kids dressed up as a mummy, a werewolf, ghosts, skeletons, and even as Edward Scissorhands, it's a video not to be missed...especially, if it kind of/sort of melted my cold black heart. website source: aceshowbiz.com