I think it's safe to say that if you come out of Scandinavia you're probably going to be somewhat of an ambient/beautiful/life affirming type of band, or a death metal band! Weird huh? Well thankfully the latest band to come from that snowy region is the beautiful, The Deer Tracks. Bands like Mew, Mum, Sigur Ros and Amiina all jump out at me when I heard the fantastic song 'Yes This Is My Broken Shield' but to be fair, listing off loads of bands names would be an injustice to them. Sure, being compared to those bands could be considered a great thing because those bands are great, but I really don't want them to come across as just another epic-ambient band copying the same old formula that those guys created; they're much better than that. The band consists of two core members, Elin Lindfors & David Lehnberg, with the addition of a few more people to make it all happen. You can check them out at www.myspace.com/thedeertracks Here's a video to the awesome song 'Slow Collision'. Come back next week for our interview with the band! Listen: MP3: The Deer Tracks - Yes This Is My Broken Shield