Today I spent the entire morning listening to Ellie Goulding's music on her Myspace player and I expect I'll be doing the same this afternoon. Even with just four full length songs for me to sink my teeth into I've still yet to experience any feeling of boredom, thus is the brilliance of this unsigned Londoners music and voice. She's got this amazing ability to switch between really beautiful acoustic moments (beginning of 'Guns and Horses') to full blown electric wonderments. Kind of like Imogen Heap, only 1) good and 2) not at all annoying. She's also managed to turn a fairly annoying song by Sam Sparro ('Black and Gold') into something quite amazing. All I really know about her background is that she grew up in Powys, Wales and that she has a fondness for Bjork and Ella Fitzgerald. Lack of information aside, when you've got talent like this though the songs do all the talking and she's definitely shouting from the rooftops. Can someone do me a favour and sign this lady up right now!? You can visit Ellie Goulding by going to