A new year, a new crop of bands to watch.  It seems like in 2009 everyone is looking to find the next MGMT, and Empire of the Sun seems to be one of the only bands with the potential to fill the role. >Empire of the Sun is something of an Australian supergroup, consisting of vocalist Luke Steele (from dream-pop band ‘The Sleepy Jackson’) and producer Nick Littlemore (from dance band ‘Pnau’).  Combined, the pair wears the Bowie influence on their sleeves, creating cosmically smooth dance music.  But while MGMT’s debut was patchy and at times self-indulgent, Empire of the Sun’s ‘Walking on a Dream’ is an exercise in restraint.  They sound like they’re constantly building up to a climax which rarely arrives.  Rather, each track makes use of Steele’s androgynous vocals and glides along on incessantly catchy hooks and refrains. Empire of the Sun Myspace Listen: MP3: Empire Of The Sun - Delta Bay