For those who aren't aware already, Fanfarlo are a London-based band formed in back 2006 by Simon Balthazar, hailing from Sweden. His scandinavian indie-pop timbre, let me assure you, is not the only thing that keeps this band in a very different league from the ever-growing new wave of London's multiplying fresh faced folk-pop artists. While I certainly mean not to pigeonhole... amongst the family of Mumfords, Marlings, Noahs, Flynns and Cherbourgs, Fanfarlo emit a different kind of light with endearingly crafted uplifting pop melodies orchestrated with violin, trumpet, piano, drums, guitar and bass, with bittersweet shaded lyricism. For new Fanfarlo listeners, it's probable that you might (lazily) suggest the music is as tight, ornate and as melodic as 2008's beard-wielding big success Fleet Foxes. Though only somewhat similarly rustic and rural in character, Fanfarlo have a much neater, cleaner sound, relying on the simplest and strongest of musical pillars – sparkling melody, delicate harmonies and perfectly balanced percussion. Throughout 2006-2008 the band have released three limited edition singles, as well as a delightful split 7" single with Sleeping States on London-based independent labels, as well as performing across various locations in the UK, and at an array of festivals including Glastonbury, Dot-To-Dot, Latitude, and Brighton's Great Escape in May 2008, shortly after playing at SXSW in Austin, Texas in March. It looks like 2009 is set to be an incredibly exciting year for Fanfarlo, with their upcoming UK tour having been hand-picked to support Snow Patrol, commencing immediately after a handful of smaller shows kicking off February 14th in London's Lexington. Their first full-length album Reservoir has been recorded at Tarquin Studios, Bridgeport, Connecticut, and has been produced with the aid of Peter Katis - a man behind the likes of Interpol, The National, Frightened Rabbit, and The Grates. After catching up a bit with Amos (drums), I was told the band had to cull a few older songs from the album - Talking Backwards, We Live By The Lake, You Are One Of The Few Outsiders Who Really Understands Us - to make way for the new songs such as I'm A Pilot, Luna, Comets and Drowning Men, the latter of which was only played live for the first time in December. I was also fortunate enough to be informed of the up-till-now unknown tracklist for the album: 1. I'm A Pilot 2. Ghosts 3. Luna 4. Comets 5. Fire Escape 6. The Walls Are Coming Down 7. Drowning Men 8. If It Is Growing 9. Harold T. Wilkins or How To Wait For A Very Long Time 10 Finish Line 11. Good Morning Midnight Listen: MP3: Fanfarlo - Fire Escape