This weeks '405 Radar' is currently pointing in the direction of the good old United States of America and the amazing Favorite Gentleman record label. Run by 405 favorites Andy Hull and Jeremiah Edmond of Manchester Orchestra, Favorite Gentleman have been doing great things since 2006! We got the chance to send some questions to Jeremiah and here's what went down! Could you give us a brief biog of your label and why it was started? Favorite Gentlemen started as a simple artist community between friends. We had a lot of friends who were in bands and trying to get started at the same time as us and we figured if we all work together and help each other out and put the same nameand logo on our records then hopefully we will draw some attention to each other and all share fans. It still functions as an artist community at it's core but we now can also afford to sign some bands and get behind them financially as well. I’ve worked at a couple of independent record labels and could see the problems that an indie label goes through, but what would you say are your biggest struggles? Getting on the road and in front of people is the biggest struggle for allot of our bands. They have great records but it is very tough to take time away from work and responsibilities to go out and play for barely anymore if any at all but that is what it takes to get going. What is your stance on illegal downloading? are you combatting it in any way? Do you feel the effects of it? We don't worry about it much. At this point it only helps our artists. If they are out playing shows and selling other merchandise than the people who download the songs are most likely going to pay to see them live or buy the physical album or buy some other merchandise. What’s the main criteria you look for when signing new bands? We don't look for bands to sign. We only work with bands we are friends with or bands that become part of our family naturally by playing with the bands often. Have you ever signed someone based purely upon a demo? Not yet. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="210" caption="Andy Hull"][/caption] As huge Manchester Orchestra/RAGC fans, how are the respective albums shaping up? The new RAGC! is sounding amazing. It is set to be released November 11th. The MO DVD/EP is going to be a cool package that we are very proud of and the new MO full length is coming together well. We are about halfway through the process right now. I also heard the RAGC album is only being released in America. Is this true? It will be available overseas online but there are no physical release set at the moment. If you could pin-point your biggest success what would it be? [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="156" caption="Kevin Devine"][/caption] Getting backing and distribution for the label was a big success to us. Signing Kevin Devine was a big moment as well. It meant allot being able to hep a friend as well as being able to sign an artist that is already pretty established and respected. Who do you predict will be your next big band? We hope all of them but All Get Out seems to be moving along very quickly and working very hard. What does the future have in store for the label? Right Away, Great Captain!  "The Eventually Home" - November 11 All Get Out "All Get Out" - November 25

Favorite Gentlemen

It all sounds pretty damn good doesn't it? I really love the community feel behind the label. The idea of each band helping each other makes the whole process seem more genuine and real and it's not suprising to me that they're doing so well. Thanks for reading part 1, come back tomorrow for part two whereby we take a closer look at the bands on the make up their roster!