Heres the final part of our week long look at the fantastic Favorite Gentlemen Records (The first and second parts can be found at the bottom) In our final look at this awesome record label we take at the final bands that make up this community. 1. Joy In Tomorrow This band from Atlanta is currently recording their fist album and from the songs on their myspace I totally recommend checking them out! They remind me of The Starting Line. 2. I Married My H.S. Sweetheart I Married My H.S. Sweetheart is just one man by the name of Trevor Dowdy. He writes awesome electronic pop music. Head to his myspace and check out 'All 4 U' and that glitchy intro! 3. O'Brother Perhaps one of my favourite band to be affiliated with this label, O'Brother are an ambient, post-rocky sounding band with some great songs under their belt. Check out 'Ascension' on their myspace. 4. The Beggars' Guild If you don't like Americana then I don't like you! And if you don't like Americana you may not like this band, but I do, they're splendid. 5. Pasadena This five piece from Atlanta sure pack a punch. A southern rock punch to be exact! Check out the awesome 'I Held You Pretty Good' at now! 6. Andrew Nelson & The Shotgun Lovers Great name and bloody great band too! They make really good country/pop songs and 'The Dream Has Gone Away' is my personal favourite. Verdict With the sort of bands they have and the way they conduct business I'm sure Favorite Gentlemen will continue to do good things for a very long time!