Every day we get hundreds of emails asking us to check this band out, listen to this song, go to this gig etc and as time consuming the process of reading each email is, I generally quite enjoy sifting through the chaos because every so often I'll come across a band so magical and so perfect that it makes those hours seem like seconds. From the moment I heard their fantastic single 'You're Not Coming Home Tonight' I knew I was in for something special and once I watched a video of them covering 'Tiger Mountain Peasan Song' by the Fleet Foxes and actually BETTER it, my thoughts were set in stone. The band i'm talking about is 'First Aid Kit'. This duo, comprising of sisters (Johanna and Klara Söderberg), hail from Sweden and make the kind of music Jenny Lewis could only ever dream of making. Their voices are like time portals to the good old days of folk/country music, whilst their lyrics come from a place two girls this young shouldn't be able to get away with, but do. Here's two videos for you: They have a new double A-side, 'You're Not Coming Home Tonight' & 'Tangerine', coming out soon, as well as an EP called 'Drunken Trees' at the end of February. They're also playing a couple of shows in London soon, which I'm definitely going to be at. No matter what. Check the band out at www.myspace.com/thisisfirstaidkit Listen: MP3: First Aid Kit - Tiger Mountain Peasent Song