And don't they look like a happy bunch!? Well, not overly but the name isn't completely sarcastic either. Being a part of Stockholm's growing krautrock scene, Happiness have a fun and experimental pop sound that brings the early 80s to mind. Just listen to the old-school synthesizers on the featured track and you'll know what I mean - it was what won me over immediately, soon followed by the singer's quirky voice. The band recently released a split-EP together with Tar...Feathers (also highly recommended!) on a German label and performed as the opening act to Xiu Xiu in Stockholm. Their next gig will also take place in the capital city of Sweden, at Teater Scenario to be exact, on 20th November. So you 08:or better go and support them! You can also buy a copy of said EP at their shows or simply go here + here to place an order. MP3: Happiness - "Neighbourhood"