Band: Lissy Trullie Tracks to check out: Self-Taught Learner, You Bleed You MySpace: "Andy Warhol would have loved Lissy Trullie: Not only does she boast deadly downtown looks -- striking, model thin and with a penchant for bowler hats -- she's got the attitude and serious songwriting chops to match. Her dangerously cool tunes, which mash up dancey new wave, '60's girl-group sounds and the softer side of the Velvet Underground, hit upon the core aloofness that typifies most great New York rock. Simply put, Trullie's magnetism is the kind that can't be learned." -TIME OUT NEW YORK So to kick things off, lets meet the band... Lissy- vocals, guitar Harley Viera Newton- bass Josh- drums Eben D’Amico- guitar In her 1950’s motorcycle jacket and her stylish N.Y. indie-rock looks, androgynous frontgirl Lissy imbues a captivating quality about her personal style, which seeps through into her music. She dons a rock n roll tomboy pull with a subtle I-don’t-give-a-f-ck, elegance. She can be seen in photographs taken by The Cobra Snake, Cory Kennedy’s blog,  she’s featured in Sophomore’s upcoming Spring/Summer ‘09 campaign, and has a selection of video posts on YouTube: Lissy in concert with The Fibs, quirky promotional videos for upcoming shows, and even (this is my favourite) there’s a bathroom recording in some hot New York haunt singing “Just a Friend” accompanied by Adam Green on guitar and vocals...(check it out, click the picture!) With the Self-Taught Learner EP coming out early this year on American Myth Records, Lissy Trullie is “the-Man-with-the-band” to keep on your radar. I came across the Lissy Trullie band in one of my out-dated-no-longer-do-I-bother-with Nylon mags and from there, I later stumbled upon their MySpace page! And what else do I do but listen and get hooked, especially after listening to the tumbling “You Bleed You.” Basically, from Self-taught Learner, Boy Boy, and Hold Your Head Child, your attachment grows to Lissy’s boyish voice and “coy but monosyllabic lyrics” in each of the pop-punk/new wave rock songs. So definitely have a browse, here are some of those YouTube videos... Self-taught learner concert promo Garcon Garcon ...and a free download for Self-Taught Learner! c'est tout. photo credits:,