Although she's German I think Sweden can take some credit for Miss Kenishi, as she has informed me that she spends five weeks here every year. Clearly that has had a big impact on her music. Oh all right, maybe I'm being a bit greedy... Miss Kenishi debuted in 2006 with Collision Time but didn't catch my attention until just recently with the track "Death Cab" off her sophomore effort Fox (2008). God knows there are more singer/songwriters out there than the genre probably requires but I think Miss Kenishi manages to stand out thanks to her suspenseful songwriting. Her music could very well be the soundtrack to a grim but beautiful fairytale. Fact is that she's made a couple of German movie scores over the years. Besides making music, Miss Kenishi is also an avid painter and has some drawings (dubbed "Kenishis") up on her MySpace. Cute as they are though, I have to say that I prefer her as a musician. MP3: Miss Kenishi - "Death Cab" MP3: Miss Kenishi - "Limbo"