Isn't it nice when you find an artist who you honestly think is a genius? You know the word gets thrown around a lot, but you are certain that your discovery is the real deal. Well here's my latest: I try time and time again to delve into the world of classical, but can't really get very far with it, which is why I always feel extreme excitement when I find someone like Nico Muhly.  In his late 20s, Muhly has achieved more than what most composers would in double his life so far. His arrangements have been performed by various groups, including the American Symphony Orchestra, and he has composed for musicians such as Bjork and Antony and the Johnsons. Further more he has written for films that include 'Choking Man', 'Joshua' and more notably, the Academy Award winning 'The Reader'. Although it was released last year, hearing his latest album 'Mothertongue' is just unadulterated bliss.