A lot of amazing bands have come out of Atlanta, GA in the past few years. Take Manchester Orchestra for example; since they released Like A Virgin... they've become massive and sill managed to put a record label together full of their friends from their hometown. Although I've never actually been to Atlanta, through my internet research and general love for finding new bands I've come to the conclusion that this state is producing some amazing bands right now and I thought I'd share with you all my top five bands from the area. I've also included a handy little mixtape at the bottom for you to check out.

All The Saints

All The Saints can definitely be filed under A for Amazing. Their distorted psych sound pretty much forms the soundtrack to any journey I take these days. I'm a huge fan of the latest breed of psych bands coming out of America but I'll admit, a lot of them sound a bit wimpy at times. Not these guys though. They're intense. www.myspace.com/allthesaints

Gringo Star

When the Grammy committee finally creates an award for best band name be sure to look out for these guys. Great name aside though, Gringo Star are fantastic. They've got a real British Garage rock feel to them which makes me and my girlfriend both very happy, so definitely give them a listen! www.myspace.com/thegringostars

The N.E.C.

No, I'm not talking about the rather large venue in Birmingham but more the awesome psychedelic band out of Atlanta. Although I class them as a psych band they borrow a lot of their sound from the world of shoegaze which makes them stand out from a lot of their peers. www.myspace.com/thenec


The Balkans are the only punk band to make it in my top list but they full deserve to be here. Songs like 'C plus plus' and 'Zebra Print' are pure energy in musical form and make me want to smash something in half, though I haven't figured out what I want to smash yet. www.myspace.com/thebalkans

Abby Go Go

Another band that must have been influenced by this British music scene in the 60's is the rather wonderful Abby Go Go and much like their friends in Gringo Star, they know how to serve up a cool dish of musical greatness! www.myspace.com/abbygogorocks