While trawling the magical world of Myspace for new aural delights, I came across a band called The Big Pink. The band comprises of Robbies Furze (former guitarist of Alec Empire) and Milo Cordell (Merok Label Boss) and they create the sort of music you should listen too while either a) Getting down an dirty b) Altering your state of mind with drugs or c) Being the first person to walk on Mars. It's fuzzy, it's dirty and it's probably going to mess with you in all sorts of ways but thats exactly why I've decided to point our radar on them. If this band is new to you the best place to start your musical journey would be with the following video for 'Too Young To Love'. Once you've done that, make your way over to www.myspace.com/musicfromthebigpink to hear some more great songs. Listen: MP3: The Big Pink - Too Young To Love