Alan Sparhawk, Ira Kaplan, Kevin Shields, Isaac Brock, Stephen Malkmus, James Russell Mercer and Rory Mansfield. All geniuses of rock, or indie rock, whatever you want to say. They all fucking rock. I just imagine the one name sticking out there is Rory Mansfield. It shouldn't really though. Imagine one man, one man and a guitar. A chalet room at Butlins, Taunton. Its ATP vs The Fans and its serious business. Imagine this one man armed with his guitar on his back and his voice creating a march of ATP hipsters at 4.30 am in the morning serenading the chalet with a 'couldn't have been better' version of Lighthouse Family Ocean Drive. Imagine, opening your curtains to reveal one man serenading a swaying crowd of beautiful people witnessing something amazing. That man was Rory. The Notebook has only recently come full circle, the idea has been there with Rory for a long time. Thank God The Notebook never dwindled into something that should have been. The line-up now includes Rich Marsham, Zeb Budworth and James Freeman, who add the depth and the focus to the already strong idea. With the line-up at its strongest and most creative The Notebook are waving a flag for the bands that "should be listened to and should be loved." Remember the first time you heard The Shins? Or the first time you played The Moon and the Antartica? You just had the feeling that something was going on and something was freaking awesome. Well, I reckon that most 405 readers will do a silent, or maybe not so silent hurrah for The Notebook. If you keep your eyes peeled in the next couple of months The Notebook will be touring and alos doing a BBC session on March 22nd. Very exciting stuff all round. For me, The Notebook deliver the spark; the shiver and the sound. Perfect right? Even if you don't like the band. Pass them on. Let The Notebook be that band you champion and help grow. The Notebook, at the beginning of something beautiful and brilliant.