The 405 Radar is set firmly on the beautiful city of Oxford and those wonderful This Town Needs Guns lads. Despite the fact they only formed in 2006, TTNG are a pretty formidable force. They've toured with the likes of Rolo Tomassi, I Was A Cub Scout and Jonquil; played a few festivals and released one hell of a debut album in the form of 'Animals'. I've known about the band since late 2007 but I'll be 100% truthful and admit that it's taken me about 9 months or so to actually give them a chance. I think it could be the name. Generally if a bands name has a hint of "emo" to it then I get suspicious. But like most times when you judge a book by it's cover, or a band by it's name, you're bound to show yourself up. So yeah, I'll hold my hand up on that one. Their songs are intelligent, indie-pop gems filled to the brim with emotion (thats our buzz word people!). Ok they do have a little bit of an emo edge to them but not the kind that makes me want to be sick. They're more akin to the calssic bands of the genre like American Football or Mineral, so don't expect any panicking at disco's. Even if what I've said makes them sound lame I beg you to check them out. Go see them at a show, buy their album and merch and then leave them nice messages at Our interview with the band will be up on the 1st of January so make sure you come back for that! The%20405 Quantcast