Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam not only have one of the best names in the entire history of band names but they also stand alone as champions of slow burning simplistic beauty. Their music exists in that sacred place we all possess somewhere inside of ourselves where idealism, hope, and smiling faces reign supreme. Building upon acoustic guitars with "as many instruments as they can get their hands on" they ultimately create heartmeltingly serene moments of wonder, as violins soar, and flutes, glockenspiels, harmoniums, you name it, fill in the gaps. They specialise in the type of song that appears on shuffle and stops you dead in your tracks as you relive some perfect ancient memory. There really is nothing sad about it. If there was ever really such a thing as Post-Rock (and its disputable) then I declare Tim and Sam to be Post-Twee. Their songs sit quietly smiling in the corner, as frantic frowning faces scurry by, grimacing at the burden of the weight of the world. Its like they know something you don't, something that allows them to be at peace with existence, and if you listen to their music everyday you stand a good chance of finding it out. Here at the 405 we are happy to offer you, as a taster, the rather wonderful "Join The Dots" from the forthcoming "Put Your Slippers On EP" that is currently all over our stereo. Download Join The Dots Listen to Tim and Sam on myspace Download the 405's Exclusive Tim and Sam curated Mixtape!